本文摘要:设计 Design:Davidson Rafailidis摄影 Photography Credits:Florian Holzherr“ 纽约布法罗的Davidson Rafailidis设计事情室已经完成了对布法罗一座百年迈二层砖砌修建的翻新和扩建。这座历史悠久的修建建于1900年左右,在1940年月举行了扩建,已往曾作为杂货店、脱衣舞俱乐部、状师事务所和发廊等谋划。


设计 Design:Davidson Rafailidis摄影 Photography Credits:Florian Holzherr“ 纽约布法罗的Davidson Rafailidis设计事情室已经完成了对布法罗一座百年迈二层砖砌修建的翻新和扩建。这座历史悠久的修建建于1900年左右,在1940年月举行了扩建,已往曾作为杂货店、脱衣舞俱乐部、状师事务所和发廊等谋划。BUFFALO, NY—Design studio Davidson Rafailidis has completed the renovation and addition of a century-old, two-story brick building in Buffalo, NY. Built in approximately 1900 with a 1940s extension, the historic structure has operated as a grocery store, strip club, attorney’s office, and hair salon, among other businesses, in its past. ” Davidson Rafailidis收到了企业家Buckminster的猫咪咖啡馆革新的需求。

因为猫咖的性质具备特殊性,当地康健法例要求动物与食物制备(在本案中为猫和咖啡)之间气密隔离。因为有了这项法例,所以Davidson Rafailidis在设计上可以发挥的空间就增加了,既要满足分区的要求,又需要让这两部门融会领悟。

该事情室称其为Together Apart项目,是整个地块上连续建设计划的第一阶段,该计划响应了勉励高密度修建的新都会分区,并进一步促进了Davidson Rafailidis设计异质混淆用途空间的努力,为广泛的用户提供服务。Davidson Rafailidis received a brief to transform the space into a cat café for a local entrepreneur, Buckminster’s Cat Café. Cat cafés offer a unique typology, given health regulations that demand air-tight separation between animals and food preparation—in this case, cats and coffee. This requirement allowed Davidson Rafailidis to expand on the studio’s interest in designing partitioned spaces that support programmatic flexibility but still imply and encourage togetherness and community. The project, which the studio has called Together Apart, is the first phase of a continual construction scheme on the overarching lot, which responds to new city zoning that encourages high density construction and furthers Davidson Rafailidis’ efforts to design heterogenous, mixed-use spaces that service a wide range of users. Davidson Rafailidis现在的设计是一个猫咪咖啡馆,可是这个设计很容易被复制进其他需要分区但不阻遏的二元场景,好比条记本电脑/非条记本电脑使用空间、音乐/平静空间、吸烟/不吸烟空间,以及COVID抗体携带者/非抗体携带者的等情况。

Davidson Rafailidis的配合卖力人Stephanie Davidson说:“我们想让放在一起会有问题的运动发生联系。” While Davidson Rafailidis’ design currently resolves as a cat café, it could easily accommodate other dualistic scenarios where division is necessary but not absolute, such as spaces for laptop/non laptop use, music/quiet, smoking/non smoking, and the timely situation of COVID antibody carriers and non-antibody carriers. “We are interested in connecting activities that are otherwise problematic to come together,” says Stephanie Davidson, co-principal of Davidson Rafailidis. Davidson Rafailidis在结构和设计方案上强调分散、支解和重叠相联合的精神。Davidson说:“虽然有一个切合康健法例的物理分散,但它只是空间中许多支解、不匹配、差池齐和镜像元素中的一个。

”修建可以从任何一端进入,允许两部门功效独立,同时仍然在物理和视觉上毗连。临街的入口,穿过砖墙,直接通向咖啡馆和厨房,咖啡和糕点在那里供应和准备。从猫的露台(昵称为“catio”)可以进入后门,通向猫的生活情况,在这里它们可以与客人和潜在的收养者互动。Davidson Rafailidis emphasized the ethos of Together Apart with a layout and design scheme characterized by a combination of separations, slices, and overlaps. “While there is a physical separation satisfying the health code, it is just one of many sliced, mismatched, misaligned, and mirrored elements in the space,” says Davidson. The building can be accessed from either end, allowing an independent functioning of both halves while still being physically and visually connected. The street-facing entrance, through the brick facade, leads directly to the café and kitchen, where coffee and pastries are served and prepared. The back entrance, which is accessible from the cat patio (affectionately dubbed the “catio”), opens into the rear environment where the cats live and interact with guests and potential adopters. 这些非匀称区域在一系列透明的、锯齿状的分区中间相遇。


窗户也同样贴在盥洗室和座位区的中间,台阶式盥洗室与台阶式猫厕间相映成影。These heterogeneous zones meet in the middle at a series of transparent, zig-zagged partitions. The kitchen counter is sliced by a glass wall allowing for unexpected visual encounters of cats from the café. Similarly, long terrazzo benches and a continuous light strip are bifurcated by the separation wall but extend into both zones, creating further visual continuity and connection. Windows likewise stick halfway into the washroom and halfway into the seating area, and the stepped bathroom is mirrored by the stepped cat-litter-room. 在修建的后方,猫区由可折叠滑动的铝质立面减半,通向一个砾石露台。


At the building’s rear, the cat area is halved by a folding-sliding aluminum façade, which opens onto a gravel patio. A brick wall hems the patio. Stepped on one side, it echoes the zig-zagging form of the adjacent glass partition, and is perforated by a large glass window at the rear. Surface-mounted onto the exterior, the window’s frame is invisible from the patio’s interior and creates the illusion of an uncovered opening—as if the cats could jump out at any moment. Likewise, it blurs the separation between inside and outside, establishing a continuous sightline connecting the project’s various zones. 在整个翻新历程中,质料和颜色的调色板是洁净、中性和有凝聚力的,通太过隔墙进一步强调了视线。玄色水磨石瓷砖排列在室内地板上,从前面的咖啡馆到后面的猫咪生活区,同时匹配的水磨石柜台和长椅延伸到两个区域,缔造镜像体量。内墙和窗框要么漆成白色,浅灰色,要么覆以浅色木料(白橡木胶合板,杨木),硬件是不锈钢和天然阳极化铝。



” Across the renovation, the material and color palettes are clean, neutral, and cohesive, further emphasizing sightlines through dividing walls. Black terrazzo tiles line the interior floor, from the front café to the back cat environment, while matching terrazzo counters and benches extend into both zones creating mirrored volumes. Interior walls and window frames are either painted white, light gray, or clad in light wood (white oak plywood, poplar), and hardware is stainless steel and natural anodized aluminum. “The idea was to use resilient materials like terrazzo, so that the inside could withstand time as well as the outside brick shell has,” says Davidson. “And the subdued palette is meant to highlight whatever specific, programmatic elements end up being planted in the space.” Together Apart的空间适应性体现在Davidson Rafailidis对拱形地块的恒久愿景上,该地块宽27英尺,长132英尺。在与业主的互助中,事情室将这次革新视为一系列新的多功效结构的第一步,这些结构将随着时间的推移填充整个地块,这个历程被称为“连续建设”。

“这些可以在资金可用的情况下制作,并满足业主和周围社区的特殊需求。”Davidson说:“到现在为止实现的形式是未来整体的一部门。”“我们的问题是:一个项目,一个修建,是否可以被认为是一次连续的建设,而不是一次性发生的单次花费?” The spatial adaptability of Together Apart is reflected in Davidson Rafailidis’ long-term vision for the overarching lot, which measures 27 feet wide by 132 feet long. In collaboration with the owner, the studio sees this renovation as the first in a series of new, mixed-use structures which will fill the entire lot overtime, a process referred to as “continual construction.” These can be built as funds are available and catered to the specific needs of the owner and surrounding community. “The so-far realized form is a part of a future whole,” says Davidson. “We asked: Could a project—a building—be thought of as a continual construction instead of a single expense incurred all at once?” 在当前的迭代中,未来阶段的元素已是可见的。




In its current iteration, elements of future phases are already visible. Blocks for a new construction at the rear—which could be used to build a future live/work space, chicken coop, small animal clinic, chiropractor, reflexology/massage, or daycare—have been delivered and are visible from the patio’s generous lookout window. Additionally, the 9-foot-tall masonry “catio” wall has been engineered to be able to support the load of a future second floor, if desired. Other structures envisioned for the property’s rear include a carport that could be finished and enclosed over time, with a residential studio unit placed above. Pockets of negative space in this additive model would be tight but deliberate—a tree could be planted for shared shade, recycling/garbage bins could be tucked away from view. Finally, a tower planned for the very back of the site would provide a view over the entire microcosm. 为了响应勉励90%地段密度的相对较新的都会分区,Davidson Rafailidis的目的是实现最大密度和形式上的异质性。人们认为,这种形式上的异质性将转化为多种多样的用户。Davidson说:“形式上各异的体现的总体前提是:可用空间条件的规模越广,使用和用户的吸引力就越广泛。”“富厚的空间共享方式以及差别的法式如何以大量的密度和可见性共存,这真让我们兴奋。

” In response to relatively new city zoning that encourages 90% lot density, Davidson Rafailidis’ goal is to achieve both maximum density and formal heterogeneity. The thought is that this formal heterogeneity would translate to a diverse mixture of users. “The general premise of the cluster of formally different gestures is that: the wider the array of spatial conditions available, the wider array of uses and users will be attracted to the spaces,” says Davidson. “The richness in how spaces might be shared, and how different programs could co-exist with a lot of density and visibility, is really exciting to us.” Davidson说:“我们的想法是把差别的体量正式地联合起来,就像Brancusi的“亚当和夏娃”雕塑一样,来完成我们真正致力于提供的空间,这些空间很是详细,甚至是特殊的,但不局限于单一的项目。” “The idea is to combine formally dissimilar volumes, like Brancusi's "Adam and Eve" sculpture, to accomplish something we're really committed to—offering spaces that are very specific, even idiosyncratic but not tied to a single program,” says Davidson.当前的立面宁静面四个关键的连续建设阶段一连施工等距插图设计公司 Design: Davidson Rafailidis设计团队 Design team: Stephanie Davidson, Georg Rafailidis, Alyssa Seguin工程师 Engineer of Record: John Banaszak施工单元 General Contractor: CFR Construction & Restoration定制加工 Custom Fabrication: Spielman Fabrication摄影版权 Photo Credits: Florian Holzherr。



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